Ep #138: How a Niche Serving Pharmacists Has Provided Explosive Growth - The Career of Tim Baker

February 07, 2018

138-tim-baker-pharmacists-explosive.pngTim Baker’s career is a testament to the true power of having a niche focus for your business. After his time working in a hybrid firm, he decided to launch his own firm with a focus on working with pharmacists. He founded Script Financial in April of 2016, and his concentration on this niche has helped him add almost 50 new clients to his business in the last 18 months.

In this episode, Tim shares his unique path to success that included several different career changes after leaving the military before finding financial planning. He also goes into why he is a proponent of charging based on income and net worth, clever tactics he uses to seek out potential clients, and more.


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What You'll Learn from This Episode:

  • Tim’s path to launching his own firm.
  • The funny way he discovered the concept of fee-only.
  • How finding a niche changed Tim’s career.
  • The common set of issues that pharmacists deal with.
  • Why content marketing doesn’t work for generalists.
  • Unique ways that Tim goes after clients.
  • Why he charges based on income and net worth.
  • Advice for listeners who are thinking about starting a business.
  • What Tim wishes he could go back and tell his younger self.

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