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Episode No. 356 | March 08, 2023

Niche What You Know and Grow Fee-only Revenue to $250k in 5 Years

A Conversation with Andie Clark

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If you’re interested in learning how niching what you know and starting a group focused around that niche can help grow your fee-only revenue to $250k in 5 years, this episode is for you! We're excited to welcome XYPN member Andie Clark, founder of The Table Financial Planning, a virt …

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Episode No. 345 | October 05, 2022

The Power of Personal Experience in Finding Your Niche

A Conversation with Maggie Beach

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Today we talk to Maggie Beach, CFP®, CPA/PFS, and XYPN Member who is the founder of NexJenn Financial Services—a fee-only firm servicing the real estate niche—and NexJenn CPA—an accounting firm that specializes in individual and trust taxation. Today’s podcast is full of information a …

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Episode No. 342 | August 24, 2022

Coaching Clients Through Uncertainty with Empathy

A Conversation with Rachael Burns

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We’re excited to welcome XYPN member, Rachael Burns, CFP®, CDFA®, founder of True Worth Financial Planning, on the show today. Rachael’s start in financial services and life experience have allowed her to build a practice based on empathy and education. The day after learning she was …

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Episode No. 341 | August 10, 2022

Embracing Career Change & Finding Success Serving the Tattoo Artist Niche

A Conversation with Colton Etherton

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We’re excited to welcome Colton Etherton CFP®, XYPN Member, and owner of Out of The Office Planning to the show today. On this episode, Colton talks us through his professional background, which includes starting his career in the banking side of financial services, transitioning to M …

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Episode No. 340 | July 27, 2022

Successfully Scaling an Advice-Only Firm Serving the Dentist Niche

A Conversation with Sharon Weaver, CFP®

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We’re excited to welcome XYPN member Sharon Weaver, CFP®, the founder of Mission Financial Planning, on the show today. Sharon has been a CFP® for over 25 years but had never actually done a financial plan until she launched her firm 11 years ago. Some early dentist clients from a cen …

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Episode No. 332 | April 06, 2022

Providing a Personal Client Experience in a Virtual Firm

A Conversation with Leo Marte, CFP®

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Today’s interview is with Leo Marte, CFP®, the owner of Abundant Advisors, a virtual fee-only firm that specializes in serving Christian professionals. Leo joined XYPN and launched his firm in 2020 after spending a dozen years at Vanguard, managing a large team, and working with thous …

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December 29, 2021

Changing Careers & Growing a Successful Fee-Only Firm

Ep #325: Changing Careers & Growing a Successful Fee-Only Firm: An Interview With Jennipher Lommen

Today, Jennipher Lommen, founder of Wildflower Financial, a fee-only firm out of Santa Cruz, California, is on the show. Jennipher is a career changer and entered this industry only a few years before she launched Wildflower four years ago. Jennipher homeschooled all three of her chil …

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August 12, 2020

Alternative Career Paths in the Financial Planning Industry

Ep #268: Alternative Career Paths in the Financial Planning Industry: The Career of Emily Purdon

We’re honored to interview Emily Purdon, XYPN's former Financial Planning and Process Coach (transitioning to Director of XY Tax Solutions), on the show today. Having just finished her first year at XYPN, Emily has been the mind behind our XYPN Financial Planning & Process. Join u …

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