Ep #70: The Power of Niche Marketing, Developing Processes, and Growing Your Firm - An Update on the Career of Daniel Wrenne

October 19, 2016


Daniel Wrenne revisits the podcast to provide an update on the progress he's having with his firm - Wrenne Financial Planning. Daniel is nearing client capacity after two years in business and he's doing so by successfully employing niche marketing. We last spoke with Daniel in episode #14 as he was just establishing the new firm. Today, we look back at his year of growth and dig into the processes he's developing to realize his growth goals.

Daniel has identified a very specific niche. He only works with young doctors. In doing so, he's been able to identify a significant pain point and develop a brilliant one-time service that essentially generates revenue as his firm prospects for leads and addresses a need for potential clients.

This episode is for those who aren't convinced that niche marketing from the beginning is a winning strategy. Daniel shares his research that shows just how effective niche marketing can be regarding client retention, revenue per client, and time spent per client. Niche marketing isn't just a good marketing strategy, it could also be a game changer for your firm's bottom line.


Listen to the Full Interview:

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What You'll Learn from This Episode:

  • Quick start services that can help build potential client relations.
  • Why taking non-niche clients is not cost effective.
  •  How to fund the first employee.
  • Main challenges to communicating with a staff as the company grows.
  • Tech tools that help with workflow and task management.
  • Tips for locating advisors that will compliment your firm and enhance growth.

Featured on the Show:

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