Specializing in ESG and Offering a Flat-Fee

An Interview with Scott Arnold

January 22, 2020


Scott Arnold Headshot
Scott Arnold


Scott Arnold is the owner of IMPACTfolio, a fee-only firm in Denver, Colorado. After starting his career in this industry—working both at Schwab and an RIA—he realized he wanted to offer impact investing to clients on a broader scale, in a personalized way. Today he joins the show to discuss how the ESG investment model impacts his business and why he decided to go from a solopreneur to a partnership structure.

Listen in as Scott shares how IMPACTfolio's flat-fee offering has benefited both his firm and his clients. You’ll learn the challenges he faced in his first year, why cyber security is one of his largest stress points, and what it takes to create a stable partnership.


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What You'll Learn from This Episode:

  • An overview of Scott’s career.
  • How his investment model has brought in clients.
  • What makes him incredibly referable.
  • How his flat-fee model has benefited his firm and clients.
  • The challenges he faced in his first year.
  • Why he decided to switch to a partnership structure.
  • Why cyber security is such a large stress point for him.
  • The role ESG plays in the conversations Scott has with his clients.

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Scott Arnold Headshot

Scott Arnold


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