Ep #128: Integrating Faith and Finance - The Career of Ben Wacek

November 29, 2017

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Today XYPN founding member Ben Wacek is here! Now also the founder of Wacek Financial Planning, Ben has been building his own business since 2014. He is slowly turning it into the ideal firm for him and his family, as he is able to work from home and prioritize time with his wife and three young children, but what makes Ben’s business stand out the most is that he has incorporated his faith into it.

In keeping with his strong beliefs, Ben uses biblical principles in his financial planning process with impressive success. Listen in to learn what makes his process different and how anyone—religious or not—can find useful takeaways from how he’s building and running his practice.

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What You'll Learn from This Episode:

  • What makes Ben’s planning process different.
  • The power of letting the client decide how the relationship will go.
  • What Ben believes has led to his high retention rate.
  • How to make it work when working with family.
  • Advice Ben would give his younger self.
  • Ben’s plan for extending his reach with faith-based financial advice.

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