Using Your Own Money Scripts to Build Your Ideal Firm

January 15, 2020

#XYPNRadio Feature Image Episode 238

Leighann Miko is the owner of Equalis Financial, a fee-only firm in Los Angeles, California. Although she began her career in this industry, her money scripts that led her into this career were formed much earlier. Leighann grew up poor and was the first member of her family to graduate from high school. Because of this, she has a deep understanding of the stress that finances can have on someone at an early age.

Listen in as Leighann opens up about how she got to where she is today, including how the meaningful relationships she has formed over the years have helped her to remain transparent and authentic. You'll learn how she found her niche, what she credits with changing the way she looks at money, and how we can keep the industry moving in the right direction.


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What You'll Learn from This Episode:

  • An overview of Leighann’s career.
  • How she found her niche.
  • The course that changed the way she looks at money.
  • How she relates to her clients.
  • Where the industry is heading.
  • How Leighann was able to pay off her credit card debt.
  • Why community is so important to her. 

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