Ep #117: Becoming a Planner After Being Told It Wasn't an Appropriate Career for a Woman - The Career of Melissa Ellis

September 13, 2017


Melissa Ellis joins us this episode to share her story and some of the lessons she learned along the way to where she is now. Despite putting off her dream due to being told financial planning wasn’t appropriate for women and that the timing wasn’t right, she finally went for it and never looked back. She shares the steps she took along the way and all the jobs and experiences that fed her knowledge and put her on the path to owning her own practice.

The niche that Melissa fell into has now become her focus and her passion because she has seen a need and is ready to address it. She shares her passion for working with women and people going through divorce and, more recently, divorced families who are planning for college. Melissa sheds some light on the issues and road blocks she has run into along the way. Despite these things and through networking, continuing her education and making use of coaching services she shares how she has been keeping up her momentum and going above and beyond for her clients.

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What You'll Learn from This Episode:

  • Why and how Melissa finally got started in the financial planning business.

  • How she discovered her niche.

  • The importance of quality over quantity when it comes to targeting and accepting clients.

  • Her experience with a failed succession plan and what she learned from working for other people.

  • What billing methods she uses that ensures the comfort of the client.

  • Where and how she acquires most of her clients.

  • What a CDFA is and how having it impacted her practice and her clients.

  • What educational route she has taken and what she recommends.

  • The importance of building a relationship with clients and listening to them.

  • Her search for the right business coach and how having one has impacted her career.

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