Ep #203: When a Therapist and a Teacher Start a Financial Planning Firm - The Careers of John Chesbrough & Liz Weinstein

May 08, 2019

Ep 203 - John Chesbrough and Liz Weinstein

How did a teacher with a wanderlust inclination and a therapist interested in business and helping people come together to create Trail Financial Planning? In this episode, we dig into how John Chesbrough and Liz Weinstein crafted their unique career paths into a fantastic partnership that is growing quickly. You will hear about the challenges they have faced, who they serve, and the beneficial relationship between therapy and financial advising.

When it comes to reading people and understanding their motivations, John and Liz have found a way to team up and provide a valuable and insightful service to their clients. They discuss why they decided to transition into financial planning, as well as how they decided to partner up and work together on the firm. You’ll also get a glimpse of how they both manage their careers while building a business and what they are planning for the future.


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What You'll Learn from This Episode:

  • An overview of where John and Liz are and who they serve.
  • How Liz found her way from business to therapy and then into financial planning.
  • John’s career path and why he decided to get a “real job.”
  • How they are both balancing their other careers while building a firm.
  • Where they have focused when acquiring clients.
  • The valuable relationship between therapy and finances.
  • How John and Liz balance each other out and use their skills to benefit each other and the practice.
  • How they manage their disagreements and discrepancies.
  • What they do to divvy up the clients that come into the firm.
  • The different financial models they have used and how they affect financial planning.
  • Their vision for the future and setting the mission statement.

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