Ep #186: Carving Out a Niche Working with Clients with College-Bound Kids - The Career of Alyssa Lum

January 09, 2019

Ep 186 - Alyssa LumHaving a flexible schedule is valuable, especially when you’re starting a family and want to spend more time at home. Alyssa Lum shares her journey from a financial projection team to learning her way around financial planning and eventually starting her own firm at home. She discusses the ups and downs of the experience and lets us in on what she learned throughout the process.

Alyssa shares how she found her niche serving families with college-bound kids, as well as how she acquires clients using one-time plans. She also dives into how she funnels them into her ongoing planning service. You’ll get some great insight on how to gain experience, find your niche, and create a business that provides value and works well with your life.

Listen to the Full Interview:

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What You'll Learn from This Episode:

  • An overview of Alyssa’s current financial planning business.
  • Her history in finance and how she ended up finding her way to financial planning.
  • How she gained experience in the planning field.
  • Why it's important for firm owners to be flexible with hours.
  • When Alyssa decided she wanted to start a firm—and when she decided to actually do it.
  • How she made the transition out of working for an employer and into launching her business.
  • How her clients find her.
  • The various service models she uses.
  • How she decided on her specific niche.
  • How she leveraged her personal network.
  • The ongoing challenges she has faced and what she has learned along her journey.

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