Ep #168: How Deb Meyer Spent Three Months in Spain Running 2 Businesses with Her 3 Kids & Husband

September 05, 2018
EP 168 Deb Meyer
Today I’m excited to have XYPN member Deb Meyer on the show. The founder of both WorthyNest and SV CPA Services, Deb started her career on the tax side of the business before eventually finding her way into financial planning. After working for a large family office firm, she realized that her passion wasn’t in working with super wealthy families and decided to switch gears.

Deb launched WorthyNest two years ago, and her focus is now on working with Christian parents who share her values. She continues to run her tax practice in addition to the RIA, and managed to do so while living in Spain for three months with her husband and three young sons. In this episode, she shares how she balanced her work and family time throughout her entrepreneurial journey, why she felt compelled to launch her RIA, and advice for listeners who are considering starting a business of their own.

Listen to the Full Interview:

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What You'll Learn from This Episode:

  • An overview of WorthyNest and the niche they serve.
  • The difference between a family office and a smaller RIA.
  • Deb’s path to launching her own firm.
  • Why she decided to start a financial planning firm when she already owned a CPA firm.
  • What led to her focus on Christian families.
  • How working with Christian families impacts her service model.
  • Where Deb’s flow of clients comes from.
  • What made her decide to merge with a partner.
  • How the pair structured their compensation.
  • How Deb handled operating her business and her kids’ schooling during a three-month trip to Spain.
  • What she has learned over the years and wants to share with listeners thinking about starting a business or in the middle of starting one.

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