Ep #167: Integrating Cash Flow Planning Into Your Financial Planning Process - An Interview with Steve Crawford

August 29, 2018
EP 167 Steve Crawford
Steve Crawford is a financial advisor, a coach to other financial advisors, and the founder of both Experience Wealth and The Advice Movement. After working in the industry and realizing he wasn’t serving the client base he wanted to focus on, Steve started his own financial planning firm at what was probably the worst possible time to start a business: 2008.

Despite the timing—and despite committing four major don’ts with his own firm—Steve has been steadily growing his business and helping his clients become financially independent. Since bringing on a couple of other advisors, he’s shifted his focus to providing cash flow planning services, and also training other advisors on how to provide this service. Listen in to hear how Steve integrated cash flow planning into his service model, where the majority of his clients come from, and what to expect from the cash flow presentation he'll be giving at XYPN LIVE 2018.

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What You'll Learn from This Episode:

  • How Steve’s practice helps clients become financially independent.
  • Three reasons his average clients save double to triple what the average person in Australia saves.
  • The different segments of his business.
  • Four major don'ts Steve committed early on.
  • How having a flat fee made things easier.
  • The challenge of finding a niche in Australia.
  • Where Steve's new clients come from.
  • His firm’s philosophy around cash flow planning.
  • Their meeting structure when working with clients around cash flow.
  • Why Steve got started in coaching.
  • What he’s training other advisors on.
  • What advisors can expect to learn at Steve's cash flow presentation at XYPN LIVE 2018.

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