Ep #132: Beating Cancer to Build a Kickass Firm - The Career of Kay Dee Cole

December 27, 2017


Building a business that really fits your life and passions is a dream for many and Kay Dee Cole made it a reality. Kay Dee joins the show today to share her experience with discovering her passion for financial advising and building her own practice. She has some great advice and inspiration for those who want to start their own business even in the midst of a chaotic life.

Kay Dee talks us through her processes from deciding on a payment model to picking what kind of practice she wanted to run. She also shares the difficulties she dealt with while battling cancer and building a business at the same time and emphasizes the importance of keeping moving and asking for help when you need it. Kay Dee tells us what it’s like to change and evolve with the business and emphasizes the importance of finding time for transitioning from one way of doing things to another.

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What You'll Learn from This Episode:

  • How and why she left her firm to start her own financial planning business.
  • How she was able to bring a chunk of her clients with her.
  • How her rates and model changed over time from hourly to monthly retainers.
  • How she continued to grow her business and take care of clients while battling cancer and chemo treatments.
  • How she decided to move from a lifestyle practice to an ensemble practice and how she defines the two.
  • What it’s like to transition from working in a practice to running a business.
  • Where her clients are coming from and how using video in marketing has had a positive impact.

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