Ep #109: When She Makes More - An Interview With Farnoosh Torabi

July 19, 2017


We're really excited about our guest, Farnoosh Torabi, because a lot of you will be meeting her later this year at #XYPN17! Farnoosh is one of our keynote speakers, and on this episode she gives a little sneak preview of what she'll be talking about.

Farnoosh kicks things off by telling us how she became one of the country's most popular financial experts. After studying finance in college, she decided she wanted to marry her expertise with money to her fascination with journalism so she could spread her knowledge to people of all walks of life.

We also talk about why and how she wrote her first book, You're So Money, and how she capitalized on its success to build her media career. Then she shares a little about what she'll dive into at #XYPN17 - the challenges of planning for couples when a woman in a partnership is the primary breadwinner.

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What You'll Learn from This Episode:

  • How Farnoosh describes her job to other people even though it's constantly changing.
  • Why you should be proud of being a business owner and not feel awkward telling people about your work.
  • How Farnoosh's upbringing and college experiences prepared her to become a multimedia financial guru.
  • The process of writing her first book and the huge business opporunities that grew from its publication.
  • How Farnoosh's own questions about being the primary breadwinner in a relationship inspired her new book, When She Makes More. 
  • The response she's received from men and women alike about her new book and its much-needed advice.
  • How Farnoosh plans to talk to our advisors at #XYPN17 about advising couples as relationships and marriage continue to change.

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