XYPN Radio: The Podcast Bringing Financial Planning to the Next Generation

August 19, 2015

Ever wished there was a badass podcast show just for you, the financial advisor who wants to launch your own firm to serve your ideal clients? We hear you -- and we shared that wish. That's why XY Planning Network is launching a brand new podcast, XYPN Radio, on August 24th!

This weekly podcast will feature Alan Moore as your host, special guests each episode, and appearances by co-host Michael Kitces. The podcast exists to share the tools, resources, and education you need to profitably and effectively bring financial planning to the next generation.

You require a different skillset, different focus, and different business model to successfully serve your ideal clients -- and XYPN Radio is geared to your interests to help you grow your business.

Join Us for Launch Week on XYPN Radio

On our first episode, XYPN co-founders Alan Moore and Michael Kitces talk about Michael’s background. You’ll get the real story on how Michael became the “King Nerd” of financial planning (which not a lot of people know!)

In addition to Michael, we also feature an interview with Mark Mauer, who discusses about providing insurance as a fee-only advisor. (While we’re on the topic, we want to thank Load Load Insurance Services, Inc. for being our Launch Week sponsor.)

During XYPN Radio’s Launch Week, you’ll also hear from Carl Richards on the art of communication. Carl writes the Sketch Guy column in The New York Times, and has written two books: The Behavior Gap and The One Page Financial Plan.

We’ll also hear from a number of fee-only financial advisors who are changing the landscape of financial planning. Sophia Bera of Gen Y Planning and Eric Roberge of Beyond Your Hammock -- both XYPN members -- chat about their careers paths and how they found their own unique ways to success. Jeff Rose will join us to talk about his career trajectory, too, and we’ll hear from Jake Kuebler, who talks about buying a firm at just 25 years old.

Become an XYPN Radio VIP

We can’t wait for launch week -- and we hope you’re getting excited too. You can tune in to the very first XYPN Radio episode on August 24th. We’ll publish episodes here for everyone to enjoy, but you can get exclusive first access to great content and interviews with amazing guests by becoming a VIP.

Consider this your official invitation to join us in our VIP listener community. You’ll receive the newest episodes, of course, but there’s much more to enjoy in this private group. Get in on networking opportunities, additional education, and more by joining us at http://xyplanningnetwork.com/vip.

As a special bonus, XYPN members get free registration to LLIS Insurance Academy! LLIS is the sponsor of Launch Week.

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