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Episode No. 336 | June 01, 2022

Finding Balance Building a Boutique Firm & Serving the Dentist Niche

A Conversation with Reese Harper

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We’re excited to welcome XYPN member Reese Harper to the show today. Reese is the founder of Dentist Advisors, a virtual firm based in Salt Lake City, UT., focused on serving (you guessed it) dentists. Reese started his firm in 2007 after working at Northwestern Mutual, and he had one …

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July 08, 2020

The Power Of The Niche

Ep #263: The Power Of The Niche: Strategically Marketing To Your Ideal Client To Accelerate Your Firm’s Growth - The Career of Levi Sanchez

We’re excited to have XYPN member Levi Sanchez, founder of Millennial Wealth, a fee-only firm in Seattle, Washington on the show today. Like many advisors, Levi got his start in this industry immediately after college at Merrill Lynch and went through their advisor training program. A …

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