Creating a Tool to Facilitate Meaningful Money Conversations Among Family Members

January 29, 2020

Creating a Tool to Facilitate Meaningful Money Conversations Among Family Members

Relationships, trust, and follow-through with clients are all incredibly important in the financial advising field. XYPN member Hillel Katzeff joins us on this episode to share how he has truly taken the importance of meaningful relationships to heart and integrated it into his practice and how he works every day. Originally from South Africa, Hillel opens up about his journey to the U.S. for schooling, as well as how he eventually how he found his way into finance and discovered his passion for serving engineers and families.

Listen in as he discusses the unique and holistic ways he works with his 50+ client households and the very special tool he created for his clients. You will learn what made him decide to step out on his own, what it was like for him transitioning to fee-only, and his advice for making it as an advisor in the long run.


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What You'll Learn from This Episode:

  • How Hillel got started in the financial world.
  • Why he decided to step out on his own and transition to fee-only.
  • What the transition into fee-only was like for him.
  • How he discovered a passion for working with certain niches.
  • The best way to work with highly educated clients.
  • How Hillel found the fee model that he uses with clients now.
  • The important role of technology in his firm.
  • What Our Little Blue Box is and what inspired him to create this tool.
  • His best advice for advisors hoping to make it for the long run.

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