Ep #24: The Intersection of AUM and Monthly Retainers with Alan & Kitces

December 02, 2015

After last week’s episode, Kitces and I received tons of questions about a portion of the monthly retainer model that we hadn’t gotten into yet. If you remember, we discussed how and why financial planners need to provide financial planning to clients for a monthly fee. What we didn’t get into was the integration of investment management services into a monthly planning service platform.

Today, we dig into how you can integrate investment management into what you already provide to your clients. Join us as we take an in-depth look at what this service should look like and how much we think you should be charging your clients.

We aren’t talking about how to help your small clients grow into big clients this week, but about how to provide financial planning to a whole new generation. In changing the way you approach financial planning, you can find a whole new set of clients that have never been reached with traditional financial planning.

Listen in below!

Kitces AUM and Monthly Retainer

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What You'll Learn From This Episode:

  • The most common question we get around monthly fees.
  • Who we are trying to serve with this new, revised model.
  • The two methods that you can use to provide investment management.
  • How to use a TAMP.
  • The different types of TAMPs used in financial planning.
  • The types of fees that advisors would expect to pay if outsourcing to a TAMP.

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