Ep #216: From the NFL to Starting a Firm - The Career of Kevin Mahoney

August 14, 2019

Ep 216 - Kevin Mahoney

Kevin Mahoney started his career in sports business, working for the NFL. After years of pursuing that occupation—as well as a career in real estate—Kevin decided to transition into entrepreneurship, and is now the founder and CEO of the virtual financial planning firm Illumint.

Listen in as he opens up about the challenges he faced starting his own firm, having never worked in a firm before. We discuss what he did to up his conversion rate to 75% over the past year, the biggest successes and failures he experienced while starting up his own business, and what you can learn from his wins and losses.

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What You'll Learn from This Episode:

  • An overview of Kevin's career.
  • What it’s like starting a financial planning firm…having never worked in a firm before.
  • How Kevin upped his conversion rate to 75%.
  • How he doubled his clients over the past seven months.
  • His biggest wins and losses over the past two years.
  • His vision for the future of his business.
  • Why he made the switch from sports business to financial planning.
  • How hard the first year of opening a firm can be.

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