Ep #202: Learning from Your Mistakes to Build the Business of Your Dreams - The Career of Sue Peck

May 01, 2019

Ep 202 - Sue Peck

Today XYPN member Sue Peck, founder of Evolution Financial, recounts the compelling story of how she discovered she was ready to start her own business after nearly 12 years of working for an investment management firm. She discusses the struggles of starting off on your own, where she has seen the most luck in finding clients, and more. 

You’ll learn what Sue envisions for her business and why she wants to remain by herself, exclusively working with a manageable number of clients. It’s important to remember what you are doing will pay off eventually, and Sue’s unique story will remind you of that and keep you inspired along your own journey to building the business of your dreams. 


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What You'll Learn from This Episode:

  • An overview of Sue's career.
  • How she discovered she was ready to start her own firm.
  • Why she says having an office helped her immensely.
  • How she found her niche and decided on her fees.
  • Where she is seeing the most luck in clients discovering her.
  • The importance of being authentic and true to yourself.
  • What Sue's vision is for her business. 
  • Her advice for her younger self.

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