Ep #147: Serving Cross Border Clients with Assets in Multiple Countries - The Career of Xavier Maldonado

April 11, 2018
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In this episode, Xavier Maldonado, founder of Global Vantage Wealth Management in San Diego, joins us. Xavier specializes in working with dual-citizen clients with assets in multiple countries, focusing primarily on clients who are citizens of the United States and Mexico.

At one point, he came to the surprising realization that he was the only Spanish-speaking CFP in San Diego, as well as the only advisor who truly understood cultural norms for his target clients. This allowed Xavier to establish trust with his clients, and bring them along with him as he moved among several different RIAs before ultimately starting his own firm. Listen in to hear how Xavier has managed to build a successful firm, his plans for growing it in the future, and more.

Listen to the Full Interview:

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What You'll Learn from This Episode:

  • How Xavier got into financial planning.
  • One thing he learned to be very helpful for getting new clients.
  • How he communicated his transitions between firms and got his clients to stick with him. 
  • The aha moment that led to Xavier breaking away and starting his own financial planning firm.
  • Where Global Vantage Wealth Management stands today.
  • What differentiates their service model.
  • How the fee structure works at Global Vantage Wealth Management.
  • The unique challenges of working with assets in different countries..
  • Xavier's plans for growing his business in the future.
  • Advice Xavier would go back and give his younger self.

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