Ep #137: Husband and Wife Each Start Businesses with a Newborn - The Career of Scott Haley

January 31, 2018

Ep 137 Husband and Wife Each Start Businesses with a Newborn - The Career of Scott Haley.png

From fee-only planning to tax planning, Scott Haley has found an interesting and successful business model for his firm. He joins us on the show to talk about how he got started in financial planning and what it was like getting a rough start initially and then finally finding the right fit in the industry. Scott shares his career ups and downs along with great advice on how to learn from others in the industry.

He gets into the issue of selling products vs. financial planning and how he wanted to focus more on learning about the business and how to actually help clients without the need to sell products. Scott talks about his payment model that is a mix of AUM and retainer and how that has been working for him. He also gives some insight on how he balanced starting a business at the same time as his wife starting hers and having a new born baby. This roller coaster of a story has some great inspiration and ideas for those who may want to branch out on their own as well.


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What You'll Learn from This Episode:

  • Why he decided to start his own business.
  • What it was like starting a business at the same time as his wife started her business.
  • Why he decided to start a business while having a new born baby.
  • How he developed a unique service model and why it was so successful.
  • How he successfully attracts and develops clients in a unique way.
  • The tactics he used to learn from other financial planning businesses.
  • How he came up with his fees and payment plan.
  • Why he has a retail location and how it has helped him and the community in different ways.

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