Ep #127: Alan & Kitces Unhinged - Fee-only, Fiduciary, and Why It All Matters

November 22, 2017

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XYPN co-founder Michael Kitces is back on the show! Today he’s here to answer some of the most common questions we get regarding what it means to be fee-only and why being a fiduciary is so important to us.

This episode’s discussion is a deep dive into the conflict of interest that arises with advisors selling insurance, the truth about commissions, and much more. If you’re on the fence about being fee-only or wondering why we require all of our advisors to sign the Fiduciary Oath, then this episode is for you.

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What You'll Learn from This Episode:

  • The definition of fee-only (and the part that confuses people).
  • Why fee-only and fiduciary are not synonymous.
  • The reason there is a conflict of interest between selling insurance and being a fiduciary.
  • What makes it hard to tell the difference between salespeople and advisors.
  • A major misconception about AUM.
  • How to make sure your clients don’t get taken advantage of when they look for insurance.
  • Why XYPN requires all of their advisors to be fiduciaries.

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