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How to Turn Your Year-end RIA Review into Next Year's Goals

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Those who don't learn from the past are doomed to repeat it. Set your next year up for success by reviewing your past wins, losses, and draws with an RIA Retro. Wherever you are in your journey of fee-for-service firm ownership, this start-stop-continue exercise is certain to help you gain valuable insights and practical strategies about how to effectively evaluate key metrics in both your personal and professional life.

Learn how to reflect back in order to look forward most effectively. Together we'll discuss the value of:

  • Key Performance Metrics: Learn which performance indicators are crucial for measuring your RIA's success and growth.
  • Striking a Balancing: Explore how to balance your work and personal life for greater well-being and productivity.
  • Goal Setting: Discover techniques to set realistic and actionable goals for the upcoming year.
  • Execution Strategies: Get practical advice about translating your goals into a well-defined action plan.

With the knowledge and tools needed to conduct a comprehensive year-end review, you'll be best equipped to set meaningful goals for your RIA and develop a clear path to success in the year ahead.

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