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Surviving Your First Year as an RIA Owner

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The first year of starting your RIA can feel like playing at survival level 10. It may seem near impossible to serve your clients, supporters and yourself in the midst of launching and growing a business with all of its inherent stressors: choice overwhelm, risk, failure, financial insecurity and self-doubt (to name a few). Take it down several notches by learning from those who’ve been there, done that, successfully.

Join XYPN Members Lorri DeFoor and Jordan DeBoer, and learn how they:

  • Manage known and unknown risks
  • Identify & leverage opportunities
  • Find peace in the face of choice overwhelm
  • Battle decision fatigue
  • Grow from their mistakes & failures
  • Gain and serve clients while riding the roller coaster of business ownership
  • Support those supporting them

You won’t want to miss this insightful, impactful and resourceful event if you want to shift the needle from surviving to thriving during your first year as a financial planning firm owner.


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