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How to Intentionally Build & Foster a Positive Company Culture

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One of the greatest impacts you can make as a firm owner, besides how you better your clients’ lives, is the difference you can make once you become an employer and how dramatically you can enrich the lives of your employees. The decisions you get to make on things like company policies, benefits, how you approach hiring, and how you support employees day to day significantly affect your firm’s culture. But how do you intentionally build a positive company culture that makes it a joy for you and your employees to show up to work day after day?

Join Ryan Watin, XYPN’s Chief People Officer, as he offers guidance for intentionally fostering a positive company culture in your firm, making it a place you and your employees look forward to being a part of, even on Monday mornings. Learn from Ryan—a highly-accredited HR hero—as he shares best hiring practices, guidance for offering employee benefits, the importance of feedback, and all the other ingredients that will help you foster a positive company culture.

Listen in as Ryan shares his expert advice on:

  • Building Company Culture
  • Fostering & Defending Company Culture
  • Communicating Company Culture
  • Company Culture in Hybrid and Remote Environment


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