Virtual Event

Ask Me Anything: I Changed Careers to Be a Financial Planner

Jul 10, 2024 @ 10 AM PT / 1 PM EST

As part of our ongoing "AMA Series," this session promises to be another engaging and informative event giving you a front-row seat to advisors who've been there, done that, successfully.  

Have you considered changing careers to be a financial planner?  Are you curious about what it really takes to make the shift and be a profitable firm owner?  Be sure to join XYPN members Linda Grizely, MSFS, CFP®, CAP® and Ryan Sullivan, PE to learn how they successfully transitioned careers to launch their own RIAs in this no-holds-barred Ask Me Anything! 

Together we’ll:

  • Explore the personal journey of these members who navigated career changes to establish thriving RIAs
  • Gather practical insights, valuable advice and actionable strategies for making a successful transition into the financial advisory field
  • Equip yourself to overcome obstacles by learn from their triumphs and challenges along the way
  • Learn how to build a brand that defines your niche and creates a strong presence in your marketspace
  • Have an open discussion with those who’ve been there and successfully done that

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