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What Makes Betterment for Advisors Better for Planning-Focused Advisors

Gain front-line insights from XYPN member, Ryan Frailich, about his experience

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Deciding if and how to provide investment management advice doesn’t have to feel daunting. In this session we focus on the journey, decisions and outcomes XYPN member Ryan Frailich, CFP ®, founder of Deliberate Finances, experienced in choosing Betterment for Advisors as his custodian.

Join the Betterment for Advisors team and Ryan and learn:

  • Why he decided to launch his own firm
  • How Betterment for Advisors and the rest of the XYPN tech stack have helped him scale as a solo practitioner
  • What the onboarding and planning experience looks like for new and ongoing client management
  • How Betterment has elevated his clients’ experience and differentiated his firm in the marketplace
  • How he maximized Betterment’s powerful tools to drive efficiencies in his practice
  • Why Betterment’s cash flow-based investing algorithm for accumulators is more advanced than other platforms
  • Advantages of offering a Cash Reserve account
  • How Betterment excels at customer service

This is a can’t-miss session for planning-focused advisors interested in learning about the impact Betterment for Advisors can have on you and your firm.

Ryan Frailich is a non-paid client of Betterment. Views may not be representative, see more reviews at the App Store and Google Play Store. Cash Reserve is only available to clients of Betterment LLC, which is not a bank, and cash transfers to program banks are conducted through the clients’ brokerage accounts at Betterment Securities. Learn more about this offering and our program banks as betterment.com/cash-portfolio.


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