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How to be Your Own Chief Investment Officer for Your Fee-Only Firm

The prototypical Chief Investment Officer (CIO) has a degree in finance or economics (maybe an MBA), has a strong analytical background, and is adept at designing efficient systems. If this isn’t quite your background or areas of expertise, but your firm isn’t in the position to keep a CIO on the payroll, know that with intentionality and the right guidance, you can make for a stellar CIO for your firm.

Join Jeff Snodgrass, Director of XY Investment Solutions, as he breaks down how to be your own CIO and the accountabilities that come along with the title. Setting the overall investment philosophy of your firm, choosing the right tools, portfolio construction, compliance requirements, providing analysis and commentary, and even options for outsourcing—Jeff will be covering a lot. You’ll leave with a comprehensive understanding of the job description you’re signing up for, and of course, you’ll learn how to nail the role. 

Listen in as Jeff shares his expert advice on: 

  • Model Portfolio Creation
  • Portfolio Management and Maintenance
  • Tactical Asset Allocation
  • Operational Efficiency for Investment Management Work
  • The Challenge and Opportunities of Serving as Your Own CIO


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