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Burnout, Boundaries, and Balance

A Primer for Business Owners

Burnout. It’s an unfortunate and all too common byproduct of a hyper-productive, ultra-efficient, give-it-all-you’ve-got work culture. And among business owners, it seems all but inevitable. Sure, normal stress can be healthy, and can even contribute to a person’s “peak performance.” But when we consistently fail to recuperate, we begin building chronic stress, which can lead to any combination of consequences, all of them detrimental and some of them downright debilitating.

In this free webinar, Senior Director of Member Success, Maddy Roche, tackles this tough topic and provides guidance for how to effectively set boundaries and achieve balance in your professional and personal life. As a longtime yoga and meditation practitioner, and the most tenured team member of a fast-paced, high-growth company (yup, we're talking about XYPN), Maddy knows a thing or two about pushing back, the art of saying “no”, and protecting what’s most important: your mental wellness. Join her to learn the masterful ways in which she has combated burnout and found work-life harmony in her career.




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