What XYPNers Feel Thankful For This Year

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November 26, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving week! At XY Planning Network, we wanted to take a moment to express our gratitude and thanks for what we appreciate this  year.

Behind the scenes, we feel appreciative of all our member advisors and all the support the network we've received since we launched in the spring. We've grown exponentially, and we've loved every second.

Our co-founder Alan Moore says he's thankful for "having a group of friends and colleagues that don't look at me like I have a 3rd eye when I talk about my business!"

The fact that XYPN has been well-received by those who are ready to change the financial planning industry for the better means the world to us, as well. It's great to have so many people involved in this movement to serve Gen X and Gen Y!

And as for our advisors? We asked them if they could share a few things they're grateful for as the Thanksgiving holiday approaches:

Here's What Our Advisors Feel Thankful For

"I'm thankful that I get to work with clients I love and that I have people around me who support my efforts, give me new ideas, and push me to be better."

-- Matt Becker, Mom and Dad Money

"I'm thankful that we have such a diverse group of advisors within the network!"

-- Brian Frederick, CFP®,  Stillwater Financial Partners

"I'm thankful for all the help I've already received in XYPN, and thankful I can hopefully be of help to others. I'm thankful I've found my tribe of people who are as committed as I am to changing financial services for the better."

-- Cristina Guglielmetti, CFP® 

"I'm thankful that we are all so passionate about our businesses! I also love the exchange of knowledge, systems, and resources videos. I'm thankful that I can ask a whole bunch of questions and not once has anyone made me feel like it was stupid question. XYPN rocks!"

-- Katie Brewer, CFP®, Your Richest Life Planning

What about you -- what do you feel thankful for this year? 

Alan Moore

About the Author

Alan Moore is the CEO and Co-Founder of XY Planning Network—a support ecosystem dedicated to helping fee-for-service advisors start, run, and grow their own financial planning firms and serve the clients they want. His favorite part about his job is dreaming about possibilities for what's next, knowing his stellar team will either tell him no or Get Sh*t Done to make it happen.

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