What XYPNers Are Thankful For

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November 26, 2015

What XYPNers Are Thankful For

Happy Thanksgiving! At XY Planning Network, we wanted to take a moment to express our gratitude and thanks for what we appreciate this year.

As we continue on our mission to change the financial planning industry for the better, we are grateful for the support and involvement of our advisors that are helping lead the charge.

Speaking of our advisors, we asked them if they could share a few things they're grateful for as the Thanksgiving holiday approaches and here's what they had to say:

Here's What Our Advisors Feel Thankful For

Shanda Sullivan, CFP"Professionally: I am so grateful for my relationship with my clients.
Personally: I am thankful that we live in America."

-- Shanda Sullivan, CFP®, Sullivan Financial Strategies


Erik Klumpp Picture"I am thankful for the support of my colleagues within the XY Planning Network. I'm thankful for those clients who have entrusted me with helping them out financially. Though I have been providing financial planning for over 12 years, it's not always easy getting buy-in from potential clients when starting a new firm.

I'm also thankful for the support of my wife and children during the past year in what has been a challenging time. I look forward to the light at the end of the tunnel as my businesses continue to grow."

-- Erik O. Klumpp, CFP®, Chessie Advisors

Jamie Block CFP

"I am thankful for continued good health for me and my 2 children, a great career in an industry I truly enjoy, and fantastic friends to share life with."

-- Jamie Block, CFP®, Wealth Design Services


JasonReimanHeadshot"In addition to the typical family, friends and such, I'm extremely thankful for my good health and continued desire to continue pressing on toward building a solid business. This year has been quite difficult with a lot of hoops and hurdles - nowhere out of the woods yet - but I'm grateful for my two working legs that keep me moving forward through the thick of it."

-- Jason Reiman, CFP®, http://getfinfit.com

Andrew McFadden

"I'm thankful for this time in life. It's really difficult at times. Money is super tight. My two year old can be a handful at times. My wife and I wish we could go on more dates or take a (that's right, just one) vacation. Things on the house have gone unfixed for a year now. We need to paint. Some plants in our back yard are dead. And last week our car died twice. It's not easy. But I wouldn't change any of it if it meant I had to stop building this business we started (I say we, because where would I be throughout all this without my amazing wife). It's challenging. It's fun. It's really everything I dreamed of doing when I was sitting there bored out of my mind and completely unsatisfied at the previous RIA I was working at. This stage in life - that's what I'm thankful for."

-- Andrew McFadden, CFP®, Panoramic Financial Advice

Pamela Capalad, CFP

"I am thankful that this year, my business and personal life have become one in the same because it means I get to live out my purpose on a daily basis. I'm so lucky to be able to do this.

Also thankful for hot sauce - it makes a bad meal good and a good meal better."

-- Pamela Capalad, CFP®, Brunch & Budget

Jennifer Harper, CFP

"I am thankful for so much it's hard to list, but here's a start: my husband, family, friends, the Chattanooga community, the XYPN community, clients, trails, mountains, rivers, and health."

-- Jennifer Harper, CFP®, Bridge Financial Planning


Cathy Derus Brightwater Financial"We welcomed our son Alex into the world in October, so I'm thankful for our happy and healthy family. And Amazon Mom/Prime for quick deliveries of diapers!"

-- Cathy Derus, CFP®, Brightwater Financial


PHorackProfile"I'm so grateful to be doing the work that God has called me to do. Give Him his rightful 10%, and He allows me to help you manage the other 90%."

-- Pam Horack, CFP®, Pathfinder Planning


Scott R. Frank, CFP"I am beyond thankful for the XY Planning community. I have made great friends and "co-workers" this year. They inspire me, motivate me to be my best, and encourage me to build my firm one step at time."

-- Scott Frank, CFP®, Stone Steps Financial


Ben Wacek CFP"I'm thankful to have a business that allows me to work from home so that I can have lunch with my wife and two daughters most days!"

-- Ben Wacek, CFP®, Wacek Financial Planning


KatieB"I am thankful that I get to do what I love for a living! I feel incredibly grateful to be able to help people navigate the complicated and sometimes emotional complexities of their financial lives as a trusted expert.

On the personal side, I am thankful that my daughter is acclimating well to kindergarten. She often tells me that the best part of her day was riding the bus to school."

-- Katie Brewer, CFP®, Your Richest Life Planning


"I am thankful for the love of my family and the goodness of God always."

-- Bunmi Olayanju, Financial Crest



Rianka"I am thankful to have a family who fully supported my dream to launch a firm dedicated to serving young professionals. I am also thankful to have such a great support team within XYPN!"

-- Rianka Dorsainvil, CFP®, Your Greatest Contribution 


Steven"This year I married the woman of my dreams, decided to make the leap and start my own business, developed new friendships while strengthening old ones, enjoyed a couple of wonderful vacations, took several opportunities to do volunteer work for others, remained healthy, and learned a lot about myself along the way. I certainly have much to be thankful for in my life these days, and I'm fired up to make this next year even better!"

-- Steven Fox, Next Gen Financial Planning


"In 2016, I am grateful for my husband who "brings home the bacon" to finance my new RIA, XYPN who provides amazing resources to set up that RIA, and Kniff the cat who puts up with my forced affection because he knows it releases the stress that comes up with setting up your own business."

-- Inga Chira, CFP®, Attainable Wealth


"I'm grateful I live in a beautiful, bike-friendly city and that parks and mountains aren't far from my home in Washington, DC. It's great to have the flexibility as an entrepreneur and small business owner to get outside during the day and enjoy the seasonal changes. The fall leaves at the Shenandoah trails were spectacular this year!"

-- Cady North, North Financial Advisors

What about you -- what do you feel thankful for this year? 

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