The 7 Biggest Announcements from #XYPNLIVE 2018

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October 01, 2018

XYPN LIVE 2018 was a wild ride, quite literally. Our closing party at St. Louis’s City Museum involved a 30-foot-high rooftop Ferris Wheel, a 10-story slide, a human-sized hamster wheel, and limitless labyrinths that made the event feel more like a carnival than a conference—in the best way possible. There truly is nothing quite like seeing hundreds of financial advisors crawling through underground caves or gleefully launching themselves down slides of epic heights.

Our closing celebration was certainly an XYPN LIVE 2018 highlight, but we also made some major, mic-drop-worthy announcements over the course of the conference. While it’s hard to live up to the whimsy of a school bus precariously perched on the edge of a roof, these announcements are pretty awesome in their own right.

In case you missed it, here are the seven biggest announcements from XYPN LIVE 2018.

#1. RightCapital Launches App

RightCapital officially launched their new native, mobile app that allows clients to connect with their advisors anytime, anywhere. For the first time ever, clients can manage their financial plans on their phones, a critical step toward making financial planning more appealing, approachable, and accessible to clients, especially those born into the digital age.

Of the app, RightCapital founder and CEO Shuang Chen says, “We designed the RightCapital app with state-of-the-art features aimed to help advisors better engage with their clients and provide real-time financial reports, giving both advisors and clients alike more peace of mind over financial planning goals.”

#2. PreciseFP Launches Version 5.0

PreciseFP announced the release of a new iteration of its platform, PreciseFP version 5.0, which features a new interface. This version promises to bring advisors “the absolute best client onboarding, data gathering, and engagement experiences on the market.”

The new interface has been touted for its ease of use and ability to create powerful workflows that include pre-defined customer paths, providing advisors a repeatable system to guide prospects and clients through the full customer lifecycle.

#3. AdvicePay Announces Upcoming E-Signature Integration

AdvicePay announced its newest feature: eSign Integration. This integration with DocuSign allows advisors to receive signed financial planning agreements and payments simultaneously, thereby streamlining the client onboarding process. Because as AdvicePay co-founder and CEO Alan Moore explains, “The last thing we want your clients thinking about is you getting paid.”

This new eSign feature is coming soon to the AdvicePay platform.

#4. FA Bean Counters Announces New Tax Return Service

FA Bean Counters (FABC) officially announced their new tax return service. This all-inclusive tax prep and consulting add-on service allows advisors to hand off both their business and personal tax return responsibilities to the Bean Team, who will handle the return(s) from start to finish.

This service also includes unlimited calls with the Bean Team to discuss taxes and tax strategy.

#5. XYPN Releases 2018 Benchmarking Study 

XYPN officially released its 2018 Benchmarking Study, which offers a window into the successes—and struggles—of XYPN members. The 80-page study provides insights into the many facets of business ownership, such as the effectiveness of various marketing efforts, sources of growth, and core themes from top performers at all stages of business.

The study is now available for purchase, and is free for all XYPN members.

#6. Judges Crown a 2018 FinTech Champ 

Mineral Interactive’s next-gen prospecting and onboarding tool, Approach, won our 2018 FinTech Competition, joining 2016 and 2017 champs Snappy Kraken and Vestwell in the winner's circle. Approach simplifies and modernizes prospect and client generation by streamlining the data gathering process and helping eliminate unproductive back-and-forth communication and unsecure file sharing.

As Mineral Interactive CEO and co-founder Jud Mackrill explains, “Advisor websites generally suck at converting people.” This tool hopes to change that.

Mineral Interactive’s innovative, two-pronged strategy of “using digital website marketing as an onboarding and data-gathering opportunity” impressed the judges and ultimately earned them the esteemed title, “2018 FinTech Champion.” 

#7. XYPN Announces XYPN LIVE 2019 Venue 

I’m not going to say we saved the best for last, but this announcement is pretty darn exciting. After the heck of a time we had in St. Louis this year, we’re beyond thrilled to announce that we’re returning to St. Louis for XYPN LIVE 2019!

That’s right, The Lou Part Deux is happening. I haven’t been this excited for a sequel since Taken 2. Wait, is this girl seriously being taken…again?! Don’t these people know that when Liam Neeson says he has "a very particular set of skills," he’s not messing around? I digress…

Yes, XYPN LIVE 2019 will be in St. Louis and yes, it will be totally awesome. The Ferris Wheel is coming back around, and it’s time to jump on board. Passes are on sale now.

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