Your Best ROI: Engaged, Happy Employees (Exclusive XYPN LIVE Content)

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November 07, 2022

The value of a business is a function of how well the financial capital and the intellectual capital are managed by the human capital. You’d better get the human capital part right. ― Dave Bookbinder

For the first time ever, we’re publishing a content session from what’s been called “Far and away the best conference out there for fee-only advisors,” according to attendee John McNamara, CFA.  

At this year’s XYPN LIVE conference, Arlene Moss, long-time XYPN Executive Business Coach and instant friend generator, shared some of her sustainable business model advice in a session entitled, Employee Engagement & Creating a Path to the Front Seat.  

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Enjoy this glimpse into Arlene’s decades of expertise helping financial firms grow their businesses in real, manageable, and engaging ways.  It’s a must-watch session for anyone interested in taking bankable steps toward: 

  • Scaling your firm
  • Developing a strong advisory team
  • Attracting talent and retaining them
  • Engaging employees in ways that motivate them to provide excellent client service and increase ROI
  • Raising the valuation of your firm
  • Codifying your client experience so the entire team knows how to deliver on your firm’s goals and values
  • Transitioning clients to other planners in your firm
  • Setting up a succession plan

Watch and learn:

#1: What motivates employees to provide excellent client service 

Data shows engaged, satisfied employees work harder, stay longer and are more motivated to provide excellent client service. While that may not be surprising, the extent to which it affects recruitment, retention and your bottom line may be. 

#2: Why investing in employees pays off

Want to measurably increase your firm’s value and ROI?  Invest in employee experience (EX).  The data supports a simple, transitive equation: if great employee experience = happier employees, and happier employees = higher client satisfaction, then satisfied clients = increased ROI.  The good news is there are practical steps you can take to invest in your employees’ experiences with measurable results you can see in your bank account. 

#3: Easy steps to set your team and firm up for success

In this industry, nothing helps improve employee experience like having a clear understanding of the path ahead of them.  From providing effective onboarding to defining firm and team member goals and identifying steps to achieve them, understanding the path to the “front seat” is key to everyone’s success. 

#4: You can’t get there without a plan

Creating a path to the front seat involves establishing and following a plan.  That plan starts with a strategic review of your business.  First, define your firm’s goals and values.  Then codify your client experience so the entire team knows where they fit in on delivering what your firm values - both internally as a culture and externally as a business.  Follow up by offering clear communication, training, implementation and evaluation. The result: a roadmap that leads all the way to the end of the rainbow. 

#5: Content sessions are the beginning of relevant conversations

Arlene’s open-ended check-ins with her audience exemplify one of the best things about XYPN LIVE’s content sessions: that they are the beginning of informed, useful, and relevant conversations that continue long after the session. Meet-ups and other networking events held throughout the conference provide the perfect opportunity to continue those conversations 1:1 with speakers and other like-minded advisors.  

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