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March 10, 2021

Strategic and Authentic Podcasting

Ep #298: Strategic and Authentic Podcasting: A Conversation with Aaron Agte, Michael Reynolds, and Trishul Patel

Today, we’re excited to talk with three extraordinary people—Aaron Agte, Michael Reynolds, and Trishul Patel—with three remarkable things in common: they are all RIA owners, XYPN members, and, to top it off, podcasters. In today's episode, we discuss the intricacies of hosting a podca …

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September 23, 2020

Life Planning as a Fiduciary Responsibility

Ep #274: Life Planning as a Fiduciary Responsibility: An Interview with George Kinder and Lora Woodward

We’re honored to have George Kinder, who many know as the founder of life planning, and Lora Woodward, Communications Director at the Kinder Institute, on the show today to discuss the Seven Stages of Money Maturity Post-Conference they have planned for #XYPNLIVE(ish). On today’s epis …

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