Ep #99: Developing as a Manager and Leader - The Career of Maddy Roche XYPN's Director of Getting Shit Done

May 10, 2017


Many listeners will be familiar with (and undoubtedly excited to hear from) our very own Director of Getting Shit Done, Maddy Roche. She's shifted from being our first hire and a jack-of-all-trades member of XYPN, to a manager, leader, and member engagement expert within the company.

Maddy became a paralegal immediately after college but became fascinated with personal finance when she realized she needed a better way to pay off impending student loans. After forging a transformative friendship with Kate Holmes, she decided to become a CFP. Later, Kate recommended Maddy apply for a new position at a little company called XYPN, and the rest is history!

In this interview, Maddy tells that story as well as how she's grown along with XYPN and some of the key things she's learned along the way. She talks about the challenges of learning to be a leader and a manager, and the critical role mentorship has played in her journey. She caps off the episode by sharing her Personal Leadership Philosophy, which will undoubtedly get you thinking about your own. 


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What You'll Learn from This Episode:

  • Why Maddy changed course from a career as a lawyer.
  • The key friendships and feedback that encouraged Maddy to complete the CFP curriculum and eventually apply for her position at XYPN.
  • Some of the challenges Maddy still faces because she works from home, rather than in an office.
  • How Maddy has learned to delegate tasks and put trust and responsibility in the hands of her team members.
  • Why it's critcal to remember that you can't be an expert in everything, and hire people that are better than you at those things you're not the best at.
  • How various mentoring relationships have shaped Maddy's time at XYPN and helped her forge her personal leadership philosophy.
  • Why it's even more important to clearly communicate your values and expectations when working with a team remotely. 

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