Ep #151: Becoming Financially Independent at 35 While Running an RIA – The Career of Kyle Mast

May 09, 2018

Ep #151: Kyle MastKyle Mast joins us on the show to talk about his career journey, which started in a family business through a succession plan and ended with him owning his own RIA. He discusses the details of his business, Clarity Financial, LLC, and the strategies he has used to build it successfully. Kyle discusses how he reached a place he’s happy with and how he is ready to pull back and spend more time with family.

With a purchased book of business and some great experience under his belt, Kyle got off to a solid start. He talks about how that worked for him and shares other details about his multiple office spaces and client range. He also breaks down the fee structure he uses and why a regulator actually told him his fees were too low when he first started out.

Be sure to check out Kyle's XYPN blog about the importance of planning retreats!

Listen to the Full Interview:

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What You'll Learn from This Episode:

  • Kyle’s intro into finance and how he transitioned into owning his own planning firm.
  • How a lunch meeting ended up turning into a job offer with a succession plan.
  • How the succession plan “failed” but ended up creating a unique opportunity for him.
  • How he purchased a book of clients and ended up helping him get his business started.
  • What it’s like to have a shared office space and how much he pays for the set up.
  • Kyle’s fee schedule and how he manages what he charges different clients.
  • How he manages to only spend 3 days in the office.
  • What his future vision is for his business, family and community.
  • Why he considers financial independence to be so important.

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