Ep #14: The Career of Daniel Wrenne - From Northwestern Mutual Insurance Agent to Fee-Only Financial Planner

October 07, 2015


Today’s interview is with Daniel Wrenne, CFP and founder of Wrenne Financial Planning. Daniel was building a pretty solid book of business at Northwestern Mutual before ultimately deciding to branch off and start his own firm. Over the last ten months, he's built and ran his business working primarily with physicians and business owners that are striving to save for the future.

This episode highlights what it takes to make the transition to starting your own firm. Daniel also shares an honest look at some of his successes and failures along the way. If you're with an insurance company and find yourself wondering what your options are for going fee-only and starting your own an RIA, this episode is for you.

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What You'll Learn From This Episode:

  • How Daniel got his start in financial planning.
  • What attracted Daniel to financial planning.
  • Why Daniel chose Northwestern Mutual as the first company he worked for.
  • Why so many financial planners in Daniel’s training class quit.
  • The career path in a large mutual firm.
  • Why Daniel left to start his own firm.
  • The big changes that Daniel had to make to be successful.
  • How Daniel’s fee structures have evolved.

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