Ep #11: Crisis of Differentiation and the Niche Imperative

September 23, 2015

We're changing things up a little bit this week on #XYPNRadio! Michael Kitces and I co-host this episode about the crisis of differentiation and the niche imperative.

Differentiation and niches in business are an incredibly important topic that ultimately comes down to the question of whether or not your firm is different from the many other financial planning firms out there. If you answered in the affirmative, you then must ask yourself if you are properly communicating those differences to prospective clients and centers of influence.

If you are one of those financial planners who believes niches don't matter, this episode might just convince you to take a hard look at that belief.

Along with a few predictions on how the industry will change in the near future, Michael and I share our sometimes-conflicting views on why having a niche is so important and how to set up your business to cater to a niche that will make you the advisor your ideal clients naturally flock to.


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What You'll Learn From This Episode:

  • What is the crisis of differentiation?
  • Why having a niche may save your business.
  • Why it's no longer effective to call yourself a comprehensive financial planner.
  • Who we're competing against.
  • How to avoid becoming a “me-centric” advisor.
  • Why you can’t rely on saying you "give great service" as a differentiator.
  • The two important factors to niche.
  • How to build your firm to best suit your niche.

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