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The Great Cash-flow vs. Goal-based Financial Planning Debate

Determine what’s best for your clients

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In this 60-minute session we discuss how two different planning philosophies, cash-flow and goal-based, can each be used in the financial planning process. Featuring our partner Envestnet MoneyGuide, they will review the benefits and considerations of each approach and offer suggestions to help you make determinations about which will be most beneficial to your individual clients.

This is a can’t-miss event for anyone who’s found themselves—by choice or challenge—participating in “the great debate” and seeks tools to help them add value by building a better experience for their clients!

Principle Knowledge Topic: General Principles of Financial Planning

Learning Objectives: 

  • Identify opportunities and challenges related to a client’s cash inflows and outflows and make recommendations to assist the client in meeting their current needs and long-term financial goals.
  • Describe the personal financial planning process as defined by the Practice Standards for the Financial Planning Process (Section C- Code of Ethics and Standards of Conduct).
  • Calculate savings required to meet financial goals and recommend how to incorporate planned savings into the cash flow plan.


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