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Independent Firm Owner Compensation

How to Walk Away from a Salary and Create a Sustainable Fee Structure

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Want to start your journey to independent RIA ownership but are afraid to lose your paycheck or have concerns about startup capital?  You’re not alone.  Financial insecurity can be frightening.  So why leave a salary behind to serve who you want, how you want?  What does that look like and how can you make it work? 

Hear from XYPN members Aletta Tibetts, EA and January Smith on how they made their decisions and join in on their frank conversation about making it work including: mapping your future fee structure to your current salary, calculating your launch runway, and budgeting for your first years based on revenue and expense projections. They’ll also discuss how to manage your benefits including health insurance and rolling over your 401k and opportunities for outside business activities (a.k.a. OBAs or side hustles) while you launch. 

You won’t want to miss this very important conversation about leaving a salary and setting your firm up for financial success!


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