On-Demand Event

How to Incorporate Tax Prep & Planning

Into Your Firm's Service Model

As an advisor, outsourcing services like tax preparation and tax planning is an effective way to add value and create “stickier” relationships with your clients, while keeping your time free to focus on the tasks you actually enjoy. Having everything under one roof provides a worry-free and hassle-free experience for your clients, and leveraging an outsourced solution allows you to create that experience without tying up your already limited time. In this free webinar, join XY Tax Solutions Operations Manager, Sara Williams, and XYPN members, Christine Centeno, CFP®, MS and Ryan Frailich, CFP®, to learn how to seamlessly integrate tax prep and planning into your service model, and to understand the benefits—and challenges—of building a one-stop-suite-of-services for your clients.


Listen in as Christine and Ryan share their expert advice on:

  • Integrating tax preparation and planning without the headache
  • Compliance considerations for RIAs considering tax planning and preparation services for their clients
  • The benefits of outsourcing tax planning and preparation services


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