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Future-Proof Your Firm

Succession Planning for Any Firm Size (or Phase)

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Believe it or not, a key component to your firm’s success is a succession plan.  Sometimes avoided as an “exit plan” that can be drafted “later”—or only important for multi-advisor firms needing to define a path to the front seat—a well-drafted succession plan actually operates as an action plan, with bankable applications for any business.  

Whether you are (or plan to be) a firm of 1 or 100, creating a succession plan is key to: 

  • your firm's long-term success—and increased valuation based on it
  • protecting your business model
  • creating contingency policies and protocols that are easy to implement
  • codifying your client experience 
  • smoothing the transition of clients to other planners (in your firm or elsewhere)
  • attracting talent and retaining them 
  • engaging employees in ways that motivate them to provide excellent client service and increase ROI 
In this free webinar, our panelists breakdown barriers for anyone who’s avoided what feels like “end of firm” planning.  This empowering live event will outline the steps necessary to develop and implement the right succession plan for you, your business, and your clients.

Join Michelle Smalenberger, CFP® and Pat Jennerjohn, CFP®, in an open conversation about creating a future-proof plan and the impact it's made on their firms. 


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