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Evaluating, Refining, and Increasing Your Fee

How Fee-Only Advisors Respond to Market Changes

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Is it time to raise your fees? Your firm's fee structure and how you charge for your services influence the types of clients you work with and your ability as an advisor to earn a living. Especially against the backdrop of widespread inflation, it is essential to continually evaluate if your existing fee structure still fits your needs.

Join XYPN members Kathleen Cote and Tanya Nichols as they guide you through evaluating your fee structure, how to decide to raise your fees, and how to raise your fees once you've made the decision. They will discuss what raising your fees looks like from a compliance standpoint, how to communicate the change to clients, and what kind of a reaction you might be able to expect from those clients. These XYPN members have first-hand experience raising their fees, and will be sharing everything you need to know about raising your fees during this free event, so don't miss out.


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