Good Financial Reads: Kids & Money

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May 03, 2019

Kids and Money

Who Should Buy Your Teen's First Car?

by Quentara Costa, Powwow, LLC

Did you feel attacked at your last family get-together from the mere mention of your intent to pay or not pay for your child’s first car?

Maybe you feel obligated to buy because you don’t want them driving around in an unsafe beater. Maybe you feel resistant because you bought your first car, so why shouldn’t they?

Because there are handfuls of variables related to the decision, there is no one right answer, which also means no shortage of opinions. Here are some financial questions I’d consider prior to moving forward.

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Planting Financial Seeds for Your College Student's Success

by David Hone, LCV Advisors LLC

Over 20 million students are expected to head off to college later this summer, perhaps even your young adult. The positive attributes of the college experience can be life-changing on many levels and includes quantifiable economic benefits over one’s lifetime. Unfortunately, while colleges offer classes from astrophysics to medieval poetry, there are very few classes available that deal with personal financial management.

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Three Jars - A Simple Way to Teach Your Children Life Lessons About Money

by Scott Arnold, IMPACTfolio

My wife and I have two incredible and very energetic young boys.  They are two years apart in age but very different in their personalities.  Our oldest loves to entertain others through dancing, telling jokes and just being a funny little dude.  Our youngest is going to be an attorney or tough negotiator.  I lose negotiations to him multiple times a week with piggy-back rides and extra ice cream.  One thing they have in common is their understanding of the importance of money.  We owe this to the power of The Three Jars.

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