Good Financial Reads: Built Good Credit (and How to Check your Credit Score)

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November 11, 2022

Built Good Credit (and how to check your credit score)

What are the Best Credit Cards of 2022?

by Jeremy Eppley, Silverstone Financial

Credit cards are important financial tools that can provide you with flexibility, rewards, and, most importantly, can help you build credit. However, like most tools, you can hurt yourself if the tool is low quality or if it is used improperly.

This post highlights some of the best credit cards currently being offered in April 2022. Whether you are a student looking to open their first credit card or a couple excited to upgrade their wallet, we hope you find this post helpful.

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How to Build a Good Credit Score

by Elliott Appel, Kindness Financial Planning

Your credit score impacts many parts of your life – interest rates on loans, credit card applications, and more. 

Unfortunately, how to build a good credit score is often counterintuitive.

For example, did you know closing an old account could cause your credit score to drop

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Check Your Credit Reports

by Robert Stoll, Financial Design Studio

With so much personal information stored online these days, identity theft has become a big issue for Americans. Regrettably, the current pandemic has opened up a new way for fraudsters to use stolen identities. What are they doing and how can you check your credit reports to help spot trouble? We have also recently explained the process of “How to Freeze My Credit?” on a video tutorial you can watch to further protect yourself!

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How to Freeze Your Credit?

by Trevore Meyer, Financial Design Studio

Have you heard of or been affected by the recent increase in fraud lately? Especially, here in Illinois there has been a large increase of fraudulent unemployment claims. There are a number of things you can do to protect yourself from falling victim. You could obtain your credit report and review it to make sure there aren’t already any fraudulent actions. Then, to really stop people from making fraudulent transactions you can freeze your credit. This keeps anyone from accessing your credit so you can’t get new debt or apply for things that depend on your credit.

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