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The 7 Best Apps for QuickBooks Online

The 7 Best Apps for QuickBooks Online


QuickBooks Online (QBO) has a plethora of apps designed specifically to supercharge QBO’s capabilities and make your life easier. Wondering which ones are the best? Read on to learn more about our favorite and most frequently used QBO apps.

(Each of the apps listed below have excellent online training to help you get started.)

#1. Practice Ignition

Practice Ignition is a digital proposal and payment processing platform that combines three key parts of your process—proposal, payment, and engagement letters—into a single seamless transaction.. The app allows you to easily onboard new and existing clients. What could be better than that?

#2. Gusto

Gusto is a payroll service that integrates well with QuickBooks Online. 

  • Payroll simplified. 72% of Gusto customers spend five minutes or less running payroll. The app also reduces the amount of paperwork with automatic federal, state and local tax filings and W-2s.
  • Expert support at your fingertips. Gusto’s customer service reps are available by phone, email, or chat. The best part? They're actually super friendly and helpful!
  • Online employee accounts. Employees fill out their own bank details and W-4s. They also get lifetime accounts to access their pay history and W-2s and can update their own information, leaving you with fewer questions to answer and less paperwork to manage.

#3. Hubdoc

Hubdoc simplifies the reconciliation, payment processing, and audit-proofing processes. The app automatically fetches financial documents from hundreds of banks, utilities, telecom providers, and online vendors. Hubdoc extracts the key data and seamlessly syncs transactions to QBO with source documents attached.

#4. Business Importer

Are you a fan of manual data entry? Allow us to rephrase. Is anybody actually a fan of manual data entry? We highly doubt it. Business Importer is designed to import spreadsheets into QBO as a solution to automate your workflow, freeing up your time to do anything other than enter data. 

The supported file formats for importing are: xlsx, csv, Dropbox, and Google Drive spreadsheets.

#5. Aero Workflow

Aero can automatically sync all your time tracking data from the app to QBO, allowing you to:

  • Keep on top of client work. Simply schedule and assign client tasks.
  • Define what you do and how you do it. Aero allows you to store processes and procedures, increasing efficiency and productivity.
  • Show you how your firm is performing in real time. Aero’s extensive reporting section provides up-to-date information about your firm's performance, efficiency, and profitability, painting a clear picture of your firm’s health.

#6. Expensify

Leverage Expensify for all your receipt and mileage tracking and expense reports needs. Simply snap a photo of your receipt then sit back and relax as Expensify does the heavy lifting—the app automatically reads the merchant name, date, and amount and transcribes this information onto an expense report. Piece of cake!

#7. interacts directly with QBO so that all of your activity syncs automatically. Spend less time on double data entry and rest easy knowing your books are always accurate and up-to-date.

There you have it! We use these seven QuickBooks Online apps regularly at FA Bean Counters and can tell you firsthand they’ve simplified our processes and procedures, saved us time (not to mention quite a few headaches), and increased our efficiency.

For more QuickBooks Online apps, check out learn more about QuickBooks Online, check out our blog 10 Things We Love About QuickBooks Online.

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