The Flex: How Fee-Only Firms Maximize Value

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August 23, 2023
A well-known piece of firm owner advice is to “put your clients first” when growing the business. And they’re right. As fee-only planners, you dedicate your lives to your client’s financial well-being. Your clients are—and should be—the heart of your practice. But what they don’t mention, or what often goes by the wayside, is the importance of knowing when to put your business health in the spotlight. 

Working ON your business often comes after the first few years, as your focus as a firm owner shifts from getting an MVP off the ground to building a firm that grows in value year after year. But really, it’s never too early to adopt the right mindset. Getting to the point where your firm’s value can start to take a front seat, and knowing how to pivot once you’ve reached that point, is where XYPN makes it all possible. 

Maximizing firm value is one of the most requested topics for XYPN LIVE. So, we’re excited to welcome Jessica Flynn to the stage as XYPN LIVE 2023’s third and final Keynote. On September 20, the main stage is dedicated to maximizing your firm's value, with an advisor-friendly blueprint you can take away and implement, with "the Flex."

Before you start to wonder, no, ‘the Flex’ isn’t about spontaneous off-the-chart firm growth—though, if that’s you, pat yourself on the back. Instead, it’s all about the success of firms that have adopted a growth mindset. After thousands of certified business valuations, to Jessica, it's clear that consistent gains in equity value year after year can’t happen without changing your mindset. 

As a firm owner, XYPN makes it possible, and Jessica wants to give you the tools (and permission) to invest your time in making your biggest asset more valuable. 

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How Fee-Only Firms Maximize Value

Building your dream firm starts on XYPN LIVE’s Main Stage.

Jessica will take you down a data-driven path—one paved by more than 15,000 certified business valuations—to get to the root of what sets growth-minded advisors apart from the rest. Her XYPN LIVE 2023 keynote distills this down to the five things that set these advisory firms apart. Together, you’ll dive into how you can adopt the same focused mentality to realize your ideal business value.

Firm owners will walk away with the 3M’s (and no, not the sticky kind.) Marking, measuring, and monitoring to master a firm’s value growth trajectory is on the agenda. And it’s all based on historical and reliable data that can predict just how firms of every size and structure can increase their value right now. Prepare to examine the value drivers, key performance indicators, best practices, and fee-only firm case studies. 

Meet Jessica Flynn

Supporting someone who has a remarkable idea and needs a little extra fuel? Bringing together different voices to debate a hot topic? These are the things that unite Jessica with the causes and opportunities that our industry needs to address. And that’s exactly why we’re so excited to bring her to the stage. 

Her guiding belief—an unrelenting pursuit of collaboration, not competition—has served as the foundation of her career. Her passion for finding (and solving) issues does more than go straight to the heart of what we value most, she’s put herself on the front lines of future-proofing the industry. 

Over the past 15 years, Jessica has become a trusted advisor to executives in broker-dealers, RIAs, and FinTech firms through her work with the Financial Planning Association and FP Transitions. She serves on The American College NextGen in 10 Leadership Advisory Committee that was instrumental in funding and launching numerous industry events—including the fan-favorite FPA Externship. And she’s also a ghost-writer and outsourced CCO and CMO for some of the most respected names in the wealth industry, and a regular contributor in trade publications. If that’s not enough to make your head spin in admiration, tack on her passion for bringing the needs of female advisors to the table within FP Transitions and you’ve got yourself a winning Keynote. 

Ready to make your biggest asset even more valuable? You won't want to miss this one, so grab your pass to XYPN LIVE 2023 here to start building your conference plan.  

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