Quoted: Member Media Roundup September 2017

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September 25, 2017

XY Planning Network members regularly serve as subject matter experts for major media outlets. (We invite our journalist friends to submit requests using our media portal.) We've compiled this roundup of recent articles featuring some of our superstar advisors. 

This Is Why Millennials Love ETFs

US News & World Report, featuring XYPN Member Mychal Eagleson

Exchange-traded funds are having their best year ever, thanks in part to demand from millennials.

Investors have poured more than $300 billion into ETFs this year – breaking a record and already outpacing inflows for both 2015 and 2016 combined. Meanwhile, separate surveys by both Charles Schwab and Blackrock – two of the largest ETF issuers – show millennials are more likely than any other generation to purchase these investment products. Read more...

How This Adviser Got Herself — and Her Business — Through Cancer

MarketWatch, featuring XYPN Member Kay Dee Cole

Kay Dee Cole made it through nearly four excruciating months of aggressive chemotherapy that left her in near-constant pain and exhaustion, but what she remembers most about her battle with ovarian cancer is losing her hair.

The loss, she recalls, was a visceral reminder not only of her own trials — but of the uncertainty she felt about what her clients thought when they looked at her. “I knew when people came in that I didn’t look normal, that I looked unhealthy,” said Cole, a certified financial planner in Corvallis, Ore. Read more...

How to Gracefully Split the Check in the Age of Venmo

Vogue, featuring XYPN Member David Rae

On a breezy summer night in Chicago, my boyfriend and I went out on a date for a feast of bacon cheeseburgers and brews. When the bill arrived, I immediately opened Venmo to pay him $17.05 for my burger, tax, and tip—the precise amount, down to the cent, that I owed. No searching the depths of my wallet for a nickel and awkwardly asking my BF if he had change for a $20. And I’m not the only one who turns to apps in lieu of cash. Millennials rely on peer-to-peer financial apps far more than other generations, with 62 percent using them compared to 34 percent of Gen Xers, according to a 2017 Bank of America report. Meanwhile, a 2017 NerdWallet survey found that 55 percent of Americans would use peer-to-peer payment apps to pay back a friend or family member, and 36 percent would use these apps to loan money to a friend or family member. Read more...

What You Should Know About Retiring in a Foreign Country

CBS Money Watch, featuring XYPN Member Hui-chin Chen

More people are choosing to spend their retirement years abroad, with over half a million Americans collecting their Social Security benefits in different countries around the world, recent federal data shows.

Many retirees decide to leave the U.S. for reasons like a lower cost of living and the ability to be immersed in a different culture. Some of the most popular destinations for U.S. expats retiring abroad include Mexico, Canada and the United Kingdom. Factors including proximity to the U.S. and ease of language, in addition to friendly relations with those countries, make these locations attractive. Read more...

8 Secrets From Experts for Conquering Debt Forever

Student Loan Hero, featuring XYPN Member Shawn Tydlaska

Debt has become about as American as hot dogs and apple pie. The average household in America has more than $6,000 in credit card debt — and that’s just one piece of the puzzle. When you add mortgages, auto loans, student loans, and medical debt, it’s no wonder some feel like they’re drowning.

As if that wasn’t tough enough, it’s not unusual to run yourself ragged to pay off debt only to find yourself right back in the same place years later. Read more...

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