Marketing Pro Tips for Financial Advisors from the Experts at XYPN Ops

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June 19, 2023

Marketing can often feel like the blackhole in your never-ending to-do list.  We know that well-placed marketing efforts can attract more dream clients and lead to an ease of growth but where do you begin? 

That’s why we invited XYVA’s newest Service Coordinator and Marketing Expert, Catherine Kirchner, to this month’s Office Hours to share her tips and tricks that help RIA owners identify and attract more of your dream clients. 

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If you weren’t able to join us for our latest marketing-themed Office Hours, this is one conversation you don’t want to miss. This recording jumps right to the meat of the conversation and features easy-to-execute recommendations that can elevate and transform your marketing efforts.

Let’s jump right in!


Watch and learn how to:

#1: Use Canva Pro to build your firm’s Branding Kit

Catherine shares how to use Canva to create a basic branding kit including marketing assets like logos with transparent backgrounds. Check out her tips and tricks to elevate your marketing assets to be used on your website, in client communications, and social media posts. 

#2: Speak to your target market 

After you develop your branding kit your next stop should be to learn how to clearly speak to your target audience. In this section, Catherine makes the case for speaking the language of your ideal client so that “your true fans” can emerge. Identifying and properly communicating your value proposition will make your fans recognize and remember you. Catherine also walks through the process of creating a three-step proven process that describes the steps from prospect to client.

Mapping your marketing funnel is the first step towards developing an effective  marketing strategy and a valuable tool for evaluating the health of an existing  strategy. Download our template to get started!

#3: Craft client-centered copy that engages your ideal client in a meaningful way

In this final section, Catherine provides a crash course about identifying your ideal client. For this process, she encourages advisors to picture their absolute favorite client who they would like to duplicate and fill your book of business with. 

Helpful to this process may be going back to watch or listen to any discovery or intro calls from prospects that later became a dream client. Listen for their pain points, their fears and their aspirations. XYVA+ then introduces a questionnaire that helps you generate compelling client-centered language that can help to attract and close the deal with more of your ideal clients. 

If you’re having trouble getting ideas out on paper, work with a friend to ask you the questions from the included resource guides. Trust your first inclinations for responses. Copy that will resonate with your ideal client will come from a place of authenticity. Your best stuff will likely be a gut response, try not to overanalyze—or overwork it. 

We hope you gain insights and value from your time with XYVA+. We are so excited to share impactful resources with the XYPN membership and we thank you for the opportunity to invest in helping you achieve your goals. See you next time for more Pro Tips that move the needle in the most impactful ways!

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Monique Dutkowsky is XYPN's Vice President of XY Virtual Assistant+. She is an economist and former adjunct professor of economics at Montana State University. When she’s not playing with her three kids, she spends her time enjoying the beauty of Montana through trail running, backpacking, and skiing. 

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