5 Ways #XYPNLIVE 2022 Will Change Your Year & Your Firm

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June 06, 2022

Two years into the pandemic, it’s clear that life and work have changed in lasting ways. At XYPN LIVE 2022, you’ll find a schedule designed to help you re:imagine, re:define, and re:invent what the next normal will look like for you and your firm.

Every year, XYPN LIVE is the place the Network gathers. You’ll step out of your day-to-day experience of financial planning and firm ownership to reconnect with the brain trust you need to succeed. We’ve all been a little starved of human connection, and at XYPN LIVE, the connections with industry experts, like-minded advisors, and the XYPN team are at the core of what makes this conference so enriching for so many—year after year.

In content sessions, panels, roundtables, and networking events, you’ll find advisors and entrepreneurs like you sharing their successes and challenges. You'll gain expert insight and actionable advice to help to build a firm you love, add efficiency to your processes, provide an unmatched client experience, and so much more. Here are five ways that attending XYPN LIVE in Denver Oct. 8–11 will change your firm./p>

5 Ways XYPN LIVE 2022 Will Change Your Year & Your Firm

#1: You’ll re:imagine the way you run your firm

Our focus at XYPN LIVE is running your business, and boy, do we have a stacked schedule in store for you in 2022. With our most competitive year ever for speaker applications, we only had room for a small fraction of the expertise our applicants shared. From industry experts to highly successful members, you’ll walk away from the conference ready to implement new ideas to improve your firm.

Whether you’re bringing on a business partner, looking to scale your client onboarding and service model using XYPN’s tech stack, settle on the right pricing structure, or streamline your calendar with surge meetings, XYPN members who’ve done it right will share their formula for success (and lessons learned!) with you. Experts from the industry and the XYPN team will share their actionable insight into client acquisition, emergency continuity planning, online testimonials, and cybersecurity, so you can know you’re doing things right.

#2: You’ll re:define what financial planning means to you

With the inspiring words of Carl Richards, one of the keynote speakers at XYPN LIVE 2022, you’ll reconnect to the meaning and impact of what you do (he’s promised some tears!). As financial advisors, you change lives, and it's easy to lose track of that when you’re up to your eyeballs in planning, process, and administrative tasks. When you might need a little extra motivation, Carl will remind you of your “why.”

You’ll see a session about delivering ongoing planning that provides value to clients and preserves your best life, a goal so many advisors aim for. Tapping into the deeper meaning of planning, you can sit in on a session about how financial therapy can inform, empower, and change your life and work, or a panel that will explore the way life planning has deepened advisors’ practice and changed their firms. We’re saving the technical details for Kitces.com and the continuing education webinars in the Network, but you’ll still see some hours of CFP® CE.

#3 You’ll discover tech to take your firm to the next level

It wouldn’t be a Kitces-approved conference if we didn’t dive deep into advisor tech. Instead of sneaking visits to tech vendors between sessions, you’ll have a day to explore tech and service solutions that make your life easier. You can finally ask your specific question or talk through your use case with a vendor in the exhibit hall, and if the spirit of competition moves you, visiting every booth will make you eligible for a pretty great prize.

You definitely won’t want to miss the tech demos, where the partners who provide key parts of XYPN’s tech stack will be sharing pro tips and insider advice to help you maximize value, or the AdvisorTech Expo, where you can get the inside scoop on start-up technologies that will be vying for your vote to win. 

#4 You’ll find your people and feel less alone

Owning a financial planning firm can be a lonely business. If you’re a solopreneur or just the sole decision-maker for your team, there’s nothing quite like the conversations you’ll have with other advisors who understand what it’s like to be you.

At XYPN LIVE this year, you’ll find a series of panels that let you learn from the unique and nuanced ways other advisors have built successful firms. You can get insight into the way they actually apply their niche to their business model, marketing strategies, and services or explore the opportunities and challenges of building a sustainable advice-only practice. On a more personal note, you’ll be able to join conversations about juggling a family and a firm and supporting specific client communities.

We can all benefit from better access to the brain trust in the Network, and we’ve brought back roundtable discussions to help you connect with advisors like you. With topics like scaling a team and managing the overwhelm of starting your own business, you’ll find yourself in good company.

#5 You’ll ride a wave of energy into the new year

My first in-person XYPN LIVE was in 2021, and honestly, I didn’t believe the hype. There was no way an industry conference could make me feel as energized, connected, and excited as Maddy Roche, one of XYPN’s original teammates, seemed to think. I’m happy to say I was very, very wrong.

From the moment you arrive, the energy at XYPN LIVE is undeniable. Starting with the welcome reception rooms are filled with advisors having vibrant conversations and trading contact info. XYPN advisors care about their clients, the future of the industry, and one another. They’re generous about sharing their time and expertise both on stage and in the informal moments between sessions.

In the panels, roundtables, and networking events, you’ll finally be able to connect in person with faces you’ve only seen on Zoom. Diverse speakers share actionable insight from the stage and speak to your day-to-day experience. Seeing the myriad ways you can improve your firm and your practice will leave you feeling inspired to improve.

After soaking up the insight they share from the stage, you might bump into Alan Moore or Michael Kitces (and this year, Carl Richards!) in the lobby outside of a session. Even if you don’t, you can snap a selfie with the blue couch and a Kitces and Carl cutout.

Attendees leave the conference feeling inspired, connected, and more equipped to tackle the big (and small) challenges that get in the way of building a dream firm. We see it every year. If you do one thing to focus on yourself and your firm in 2022, attend XYPN LIVE with us in Denver or virtually. As a former newbie myself, I promise you won’t regret it. Grab your pass here today (pass prices increase on July 1st!).

P.S. Can't join us in person? We’ll be live-streaming keynotes and a selection of sessions, but your virtual pass will get you access to the recordings of every presentation.


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